I'm feeing very philosophical so I'm watching science - y things on youtube, such as vsauce and I can't help wondering if I'll ever be able to make a difference in life. Like, I'm only 1 person. What can one person, One of the most the smallest things in the entire universe can do in this world. But in saying that, what could I do before I become something to the world and just when and what will that something be? None will know other than the people who experience it themselves. just to think that I will possibly or possibly never make a difference fascinates me but also makes me want to crawl into an insignificant ball of self pity and die an insignificant death. :)
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Ultimately, will ANYBODY ever make any kind of eternal difference?
People grow and die, civilisations rise and fall, and even planets and galaxies fail and implode.
Everything is transient. In reality, even our very best efforts could only result in less than the blink of an eye.
Best to be true to YOURSELF, rather than trying to be famous or revered....

Hey, why are saying that you can't make difference by yourself, that's wrong, start by yourself, if one person can't change the world, then Thomas Edison wouldn't made a different in the world, you have a good mind, that's won't let you down.