I Am a Phil Major

I think i might be one of the worst philosophy majors ever! I would like to study religion and ethics, but unfortunately i have to get through the bullshit classes first--logic and the rationalists. I hate the rationalists, they really make me want to slit my wrists. leibniz, descartes (actually he was a pretty easy read) and EWWW spinoza gag me, all make me sick. I know i know, you must build a base and some of these things are important when studying ethics, but i just don't find them interesting at all. i am procrastinating on a paper right now about the relationship between ways we perceive knowledge (senses, logic/mind, imagination) according to descartes and leibniz, i don't think i'm going to make it to 8 pages. 

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as a philos grad i must say **** THE EMPIRICISTS!! they make you want to die, or kill, depending on your eithics ;) <br />
when i did what you´re doing now, it really helped to work with others. my classmates were all pretty much working with the same theorists, so it was super helpful to talk with them and break down the core arguements together, usually, over drinks.<br />
that does suck that you have to go thru them in some sort of order. my univ had one or two pre-req intros and then the rest was totally up to us. <br />
boo to bureacracy!

I think you should write down your basic idea and sleep on it. you don't want to write it with an overworked mind. Wake up refreshed after drinking or not and then write it out.

i dont know this Phil Major guy butt he doesnt sound nice and is probably ful of bull S h i t anyway. I did a management degree and slaved over books by Peter Druker and Hertzberg on the theories of motivation. What a waste of time. I am now work for myself and employ 20 men and i tell them what to do and how and when and if they f*** up i dismiss them . That motivates them no end. I know you couldnt write a thesis with a lot of big words in it on the subject but thats how it is. Thats simple life. Have that vodka and relax dont complicate things to much . xxx

Oh i know, then i can write my stupid paper, i think it just might come out better under the influence

why not have a vodka and coke instead ?