Risky Business....

All my life people have told me I am very photogenic, I've always play around with camera or people would want to take photos of moi. I've done professional modeling, I started off doing non-risky things, then decided I was just going to have fun and do the kind of photos I like, which is artistic nude/fetish modeling.

The Asia countries loved my look, I got a lot of oversea work and a little bit in the states. It's a  hard market to get into, plus a pretty scary one too. I finally stop because there is too many low-life people attracting young adults and filling their head with dreams and then robbing them blindly. Thank goodness I only had a little experience of that and it was enough of me. Now I just take photos for fun or for my website.

Yeahhot1 Yeahhot1
22-25, F
Feb 12, 2009