expression of my psychosis during antipsycotic withdrawal.

Working link - zoom in when you get there, you'll lose details if you don't.
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that's psychosis for ya...........sphere is my inner self trying to escape my mind, but is compressed...the skulls are my demons, negativity, fear, hopelessness and death itself....the eyes are extreme paranoia that everything is looking at you even trees and s hit and piercing your soul, the distortion is basically what derealization is like, like the contrast and blurriness of things, like the way the garbage bins are completely vivid and parts of the tree and focused and other parts are not, seem not real, dream was F UCKED UP....the woman on the left is depersonalization.....the most scariest f ucing **** you will ever experience especially when it gets to the psychotic level..not just anxiety but psychotic anxiety.......i couldn't get the moving transparent shadows in there though because the picture is static....and the 'flies images darting in and out, more like shapes and ****, kinda like at the peripheral of your eye when something moves realy fast but you don't5 catch it...but it was everywhere, i still get that now and will always have that...

i made it


Somewhere, I'll have a look for the link

really? do you have a portfolio somewhere? I would love to see it :D

In a very weird way, this looks like some of my work