Photoshop Oh What a Great Program

I use photoshop almost every day. I am an avid photographer and take a camera with me where ever I go. Even shooting out the window when someone else is driving or while at a stop light when I am driving. Thank heaven for sun roofs!
I join several groups Modders Haven on and Both are very different but I can learn and be creative with picturetrail and make money from spymac. I joined here in October but have had little to no time to explore or come on line here. The podcast I have Diggers Story podcast show (internet radio show) uses my photoshop pictures on the ide tags that shows up on the ipods and mp3 players. Soon I plan to do vodcasting (video/TV internet show) which will make use of a lot more of our photoshoped photos! A podcast or vodcast can be heard/seen on anyones computer and downloaded to the mobile units (ipod/mp3/media players) I am no one special just a person with a burning desire to make positive changes in my world and use my gifts, talents and passions...i.e. the love of photoshop!
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Yay! I finally found someone as bad as I am about always carrying a camera! My Friendswood not recognize me if I did not have it in my hand. Lol!

Hi, just joined your group under CAgirl.<br />
<br />
I am learning all kinds of electronic technology right now. I got a new computer and a printer, scanner, fax .<br />
<br />
A Geek cleaned up the computer and added more stuff to deter viruses and etc. An electrician from the phone company gave me a dedicated line, so that business communication can be done when I am away, and it will not disturb my husband's voice mail.<br />
I spent several hours setting up the computer programs, and programing the "Monster" ( the three- in-one) and learning how to retrieve infomation and store it. <br />
My son-in-law gave me a Pearl Blackberry for Christmas and I am still takings bits of spare time to read and then program it. <br />
MAYBE, after lots of time and pracrtice, I can learn to set up the "Monster" to my PC and my PC and "Monster" to my Blackberry.<br />
Somehow, it seems that all this connection is sucking away at my time instead of saving it, at least for the time being!<br />
Then I see and read your piece here.<br />
I skipped it several times because I feel tired of tryig new equipment but once I finally read it, I was intrigued. Maybe a photoshop is the next on my list! I certaily hope you will let me ask a few quiestions as needed?<br />
<br />
Ciao,<br />
<br />