Photoshop Is Evil But So Much Fun, Mahaha

Five years ago I never even heard of Photoshop but man oh man I wish I did. I went to school at Seneca College in Ontario and didn’t know really where to go in life. I knew I was great in art but knew there was no big future in the fine arts. I did this course which touched base on many areas of art like photography, illusions, digital art, and many more. That’s when I discovered Photoshop 
Not only was it fun to fix old picture or bring out highlights you liked in the pictures but you could make a person anything you want them to be.
I had so much fun turning my friends into animals or making then look like they were 100 years old. Scare my mother and send her pictures of my arm cut off or I join the army. Ha-ha
Liquidfy tool … mahaha
So much fun to do, so little time: P
erinjt erinjt
26-30, F
Jul 23, 2007