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Love To Get Pissed On And Me Peeing On Myself All The Time

i have lots of land in arizona i m the only house out there for miles i walk around my land naked everyday to check out stuff one day i had to **** so i layed on the ground and put my **** up to **** in my face in my mouth and all over myself i got up and i saw two guys walking they saw me and then they ran up to me and said that was hot ******* on your self  can we **** on you ok lay on the ground again so one guy started to **** on me he **** in my face on my **** in my hair the other guy did the same thing so i was getting up and the two guys said get up on your knees so the other guy took his shorts off and told me to suck him the other guy took his shorts off too told me they was going to **** me so they both did me and i told the guy that was ******* me pull out and put it in my mouth and tell me to swallow it *** the other guy i was sucking and the other one ******* me they both cumed in my mouth and said you *** lay down and then they pissed on me and left
billybopp03 billybopp03 22-25, M 2 Responses Feb 20, 2012

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i love to get pissed on, i am bisexual. i used to literally suck the **** out of an old girlfriend while giving her head. when my roomate is in the shower i love to sit in the tub and have him **** on my face and mouth, then i suck his ****. i am so turned on.

That is sooo hot!! Would enjoy being your roommate! **** on each other and then sucking and draining each other...

Omg. that is such a hot story!