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Pies On My Face

It was pie time again today, its always something to look forward to, the feel of them on my face & body is just too much for me! Custard & whipped cream are my favourite treats, along with egg & ooh so sensuous syrup!

I teased myself silly holding the pies right in front of me before giving in & splatting them on either side of my face. The custardy/creamy pies exploded all over my face, before I rubbed them around & over my head. I rubbed in the egg & poured syrup over my face, down over my body & even down my legs, it was so tantalizing!

I finished off with my favourite custard, pouring it directly on my face. Its the most amazing feeling & one I wish to repeat over & over! I love the feel of it all over me
afterward, & enjoy having a nice covering on my face & my head.

Messy74 Messy74 41-45, F 6 Responses Oct 7, 2012

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Sounds really messy and sensual. Good story and count me in ,Messy Lady

yum - sounds sploshtastic

I want to do ghis to you

Come to California and I will happily accommodate you.

Wow..I wish I could have done all that for you!

Me too, lol!

Is that why you are "Messy"? lol