I Want More.

I have been wanting to pierce my nose for some time but on top of that I am trying to keep myself from doing it. I figure that getting a job may be a little easier if I keep metal off of my face. I just got my cartilage pierced and once I found that it did not hurt at all, I have been wanting more piercings even more than I did before. I have gotten a tattoo without problem. I think there is no turning back for me now.
Nalxx Nalxx 18-21, F 9 Responses Jan 8, 2011

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a pierced nose is a lot different than two nose piercings and eleven other piercings.

You could check your employer's handbook. My daughter is an RN with a nose stud at a big hospital in one of the most conservative parts of the country. They have no problem with it.

A pierced nose makes a woman sizzle!

I think you would look awesome with your nose pierced, I say go for it. Most places, you can get away with a clear retainer at least, which you should be able to put in after a few weeks.

And I know, it is so addicting, isn't it? I got my eyebrow done a little while ago, and now I really want another...but I already have my lip done...and I'm trying to get a Master's in Education soooo....maybe not too smart to get more metal in my face

eh...who am I kidding? I'm still thinking about getting my nostril pierced...or a marilyn maybe...who knows? And to those who don't like it, they can suck it. It's my cultural identity.

I have been thinking about doing just that. I just need to look into how to properly pierce said places.

Pierce where you can hide it for most, and show it to special friends.

I did my nipple, and it is fantastic to see people's expressions when they "erroneously" see that piercing. ;-)

I can tone mine down at least. I am going to hold back on getting tattoos for now just because of work, but I will let myself go with piercings once I find a job suitable to my personality.

Some places of employment require that you have no facial piercings and no tattoos within view. However I do believe that they are becoming more accepting to piercings and tattoos because it now has become such a common thing. I have my nose and tongue pierced and I am not made to remove them for my place of employment but it is good you are taking that potential issue into consideration.

I have no one that is against my piercings, its just the issue of saving up the money to get some done professionally.

well here is a trick i had my nose pierced when i was 14 and the place i worked at told me i couldent have it but in some reglions its an honer to have that piercings tell them that if they rejected u for pierceing