My Piercings!

I have 7 all together, though I've had 9 done. I've got my tongue, which by far my favourite, my nose, my scaffolding (or industrial depending on what you want to call it) both my lobes with one stretched to 6mm, and my anti tragus. I had my daith and my rook done as well but both got rejected sadly! I plan on getting my lip done on the opposite side of my nose to balance things out, and possibly get my tongue done again. I love piercings as they allow me to change the way I look, and give me a certain strength. I found the daith piercing particularly horrific, but gave me such a rush after I had it done! I love my piercings. They almost define me. If anyone wants to know about the healing or pain during the piercing then please feel free to ask ^_^
KamikazeKathryn KamikazeKathryn
18-21, F
Apr 13, 2012