Perhaps it's my repressed desire to get penetration or my facination with sparkling gems. I really do like piercings.

I have 7 piercing all together, I love my belly piercing. It looks sexy in a bikini and lingerie; I think it looks trashy if you show it in public. There are exceptions, whilst belly dancing; when undulating my stomach and shimming my hips it looks divine.

I am not particularly fond of nipple rings, but I do like tongue rings and brow piercing, but I must profess it doesn’t make you look “professional”. I really want to get licked from head to toe from a guy with a tongue piercing or a Prince Albert ;), it must feel sensational, the warm tongue with the coolness of metal. Mmm nice

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I think they look great.....very femine

I have 8 in each ear,belly button and nose......love um.gonna get more

i choose not to peirce myself. i don't even wear earrings. however, i've never had anything against anyone who chooses to do any body mod.<br />
i had the pleasure of being with someone who had about 30 piercings....and i just have to say that a prince albert is absolutely the best thing EVER :D great for sex and i loved it when i was giving oral!

I use to have body peircing but I too feel that they look unprofessional therefore I took them all out. I had my tongue peirced, my nose peirced, and my left eyebrow. I eventually conformed to society and removed them all. The strange thing is I normally took the tongue peircing out for to perform or*l on the ladies because it tends to get hung on the sensitive flaps down there. Maybe I was just not using it properly, but from my personal experience the ladies preferred me to pleasure them without it. It was great for kissing another person who did not have one thought. When you both have one it tends to entangle and become a bit of a hassle.

I am right there with you on that last sentence, too, sister!

I'll admit I'm not big on body piercing for myself or my mate. But after reading your story... you ALMOST got me to change my mind! ;P