Piercing Is Just For The Young And Freaks?

When I married my wife in the 70's, she came from a very strict background that not only frowned on pierced ears, but on jewelry of any kind. I always thought pierced ears were both sexy and attractive and after a couple of years, I finally talked her into getting her ears pierced, and also into wearing a wedding band. I bought her a handmade turquoise and silver wedding band, and some beautiful silver with inlaid turquoise and coral dangling earrings to match. After a couple of more years, getting the 2nd hole in the lobes was just becoming into style, and she got them done. Her trademark at that point was to wear large gold hoops in the bottom holes and diamonds in the second holes. Some years later, she added a third hole on the left ear lobe. Along in the early 90's, body piercing was first becoming onto the scene. My wife went to San Francisco and trained to pierce at a place called "The Gauntlet", which was owned by one of the founders of the modern day piercing movement. She came back home and trained me, and in 1995, we opened a piercing business. I first pierced her navel, which was done with a 14K gold hoop with a diamond charm hanging from it. She next let me pierce her cartilage, and then her industrial, which was done with a 14K gold barbell with diamonds on each end. Most recently her tragus was done with a small diamond, that she sometimes wears a small gold hoop in. Freaks? Young? lol - neither. We are actually older conservatives who consider her piercings both tasteful and a bit exotic. As for the "old" part, we have found you are truly only as old as you choose to be.
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Certainly the younger set are more into piercing now than when I was young. But I have never thought that they have the corner on the market. Piercings -- for any one so inclined. Would guess in your business, get a whole range of ages of clients.

We have had clients in their 70's!