Confessions Of A Body Piercer - 1

One day I received a call from a man with a very, very gruff voice, "Do you do genital piercings?" I really thought it was a crank call with someone disguising their voice. However, I have learned to always keep a calm level voice and answer questions professionally. I told the caller I did, in fact, do genital piercings, and he proceeded to tell me he wanted it pierced "so he couldn't use it." He went on to state he wanted a "prince albert" piercing through the end of his penis, and a hoop in his sac and for them to be linked together so it would be very painful should he get hard. I still wasn't sure it wasn't a crank call, but I went ahead and told him I could do what he was asking for. He told me he might get back to me, and hung up.

About a month later, he called again. Pretty much the same conversation as before. The thing that bothered me the most was his voice: It sounded much like the voice Billy Bob Thornton used in the movie "Slingblade." I was certain it was someone disguising their voice. Another month went by and he called again. Once again, an almost identical call to the others. Over the next several months, he called more times, and after about six months from the initial call, he made an appointment.

My studio is in the back wing of our home, and over the past few months of these calls, I had told my wife about them. She had told me, "Don't you dare make an appointment for that nut and let him come here." Fortunately, when he called to set up an appointment, my wife was out of town for a week. And, being the tightwad I am, I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to do some rather expensive piercings.

The afternoon of the appointment finally came, and at two o'clock, a silver four door Saturn pulled up the driveway. I immediately noticed on the front of the car a "Tennessee Sheriff's Association" front license tag, as well as a receiver mount for a hitch so it could be pulled behind a motorhome. The driver's door opened, and a 70 year old plus man climbed out. He had gray hair with a flat top haircut, a plaid shirt, and gray double knit polyester dress pants. My immediate thought was "this is someone else,", but then he said in that same very gruff voice I has heard so many times on the phone, "Are you Mr. Lani"?

"Harold" came in and we went into the office. We once again talked about what he wanted, and I discussed the aftercare with him. He paid, I had him wash up, and then we went into the piercing room. I told him to go ahead and remove his pants. Now for the shocker: The elderly man with the flat top haircut drops his pants and underneath he is wearing a lacy white garter belt with thigh high white stockings to match! Also, he reeks of the old style "dusting powder" similar to what I remember my grandmother using.
Once again, I maintained my professionalism, and had him lay on the table. I did the piercings he had requested, though explained to him he would need to wait two months before he could return and have them joined together.

I might ad at this point I have a degree in sociology, and worked as a full time counselor for seven years before going into business years ago. I am a Christian and pretty conservative, but due to my professional background, I try to be non-judgemental and look beyond the behavior to the cause. As perverted or even funny is this story same seem to some, the sad part is I'm sure he did not just wake up one day in his seventy's and decide to do this. I guess it is the counselor in me, or maybe I am just nosy, but I found at the time he came to me he is married to his wife of over 50 years, and is retired from the railroad. This fetish that he has buried deep inside of him no doubt started in puberty, perhaps even before. For years and years, he has had an intense inner struggle within himself as he tried to balance a "normal" family and career life. Finally, at this late age in his life, this inner passion came to a boiling point. The story doesn't end here. Harold returned several more times. More to come - - -
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Dec 6, 2012