Im In The Pink...

So I got a set of nose hoops today and was a little worried theyd be too big-the last hoop,I ordered online and it turned out to be wayyyy too big. Ive no experience dealing with hoops,always been a stud or corkscrew kind of girl. So anyway...I bought the hoops and when I got home,settled on the color pink to wear. I love pink and wanted a feminine look. Popped it in,twisted it shut again,and looked at it for awhile. Final verdict? Ive decided I like it-its not as common as the stud style nose jewelry and its not too in your face. I wonder what my man is gonna think...oh well. I like it and wish Id tried it sooner!! Cheers!!
LdsGirl LdsGirl
26-30, F
Dec 13, 2012