I find peircings some of the most provoking things besides tattoos. THE day I'm 18, i'm getting my tonge, my ears, my eyebrow...

I want an industrial, And maybe after that (and I get more money) I'll find that I want more. I just have to be careful, Jake told me if I got to many, He'd rip them out...O.o

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He doesn't like alterations of the body. He's talked me out of the industrial already. God, he's lucky I love him. >.

Yes, you definitely don't want to get them all done at once. You should go someplace that has a good reputation as well. I got an industrial done twice. The first time was done the average way and he messed up big time. my ear bled so bad you literally couldn't see it. I didn't like the position of that industrial so i went back the same day to the same (big mistake, i know) had him take the bar out of that ear. then do an industrial in the other ear, horizantly. that's how i wanted it originally anyway. it didn't bleed very bad. i didn't realize until later that it shouldn't bleed at all. if it does something went wrong. and sure enough he did it crooked and it left a knot that won't go away. it's well worth it though if you get it done right. i will say piercings are very addictive, so start saving lol.

Thank you for your advice. I appreciate the concern that you show. ^.^

The thing with piercings is you have to be careful. Make sure any you get are done at a tattoo/piercing parlor and that the place is clean enough you can eat off the floor. Make sure every needle used is sterilized and open in front of you and they wear rubber gloves of some sort. Don't get them all at once either. There is nothing worse than spending a ton of money just to find out your body might reject the piercings. Even if you have your ears done, your body can still reject them, I've seen it happen and it's gross. <br />
Be extremely careful with the tongue piercing. You can become paralyzed if one of the veins is hit wrong, although it is one of the fastest healing ones besides the labia. <br />
You also have to remember that many jobs will not hire someone who has multiple piercings, even if many can be covered.