No Attention Span

i love piercings, and i love getting them, but i cant seem to keep them!

i've had my ears done since i was 8, and they've never closed even though i almost never wear earrings.

i got my navel pierced at the beach when i was 16,  but my mom made me take it out and let it close. i got it redone the summer after i turned 18, and it's still in

but i've had my lip done, two more in my ears and my nose - all of which i've let go closed because i stopped liking the way they looked or just go too lazy

which makes me feel sortof dumb, since i paid for them and got jewelry and all...but oh well. i'm seriously considering gaguing my ears and buying some bone or horn spirals... opinions?

GypsySweetheart GypsySweetheart
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 23, 2007

Some people look good with gagues and others just look kind of strange. I'd say if your really interested in gaguing, go for it! As long as you don't go too big, you could always take the plugs out and shrink them back down to normal (or almost normal) earring stud size if you didn't like the way it looked.

My opinion: I'm not a fan of gauges, but if thats what you want to do, go for it! I also hear that it hurts to get the gauges and I know that it smells horrible. I always think about what someone would look like when they are sixty and have gauges... lol.. anyway... if you want to do, then do it! Its all about what you want.