I Have My Ears Pierced Twice (...

I have my ears pierced twice (and want to add to it), my tongue pierced, I've had my belly button pierced twice, but I just had to take it out a couple days ago 'cause I didn't take very good care of it.  :(   I didn't even get to wear my pretty belly button jewelry that I'd gotten for it.  :'-(
WolfElvyn WolfElvyn
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5 Responses Aug 7, 2007

I have four in each ear , my tongue, and my belly. they make feel sexy,, Love Diane xxx ooo

I have 8 piercings in each ear,belly and nose..love them all and gonna get more.did it hurt to do your tongue?

i love piercing also. i got my tongue, nipple, and ears at 4mm both sides. i think i would like my tragus done. I used to have my lip and eyebrow but took those both out a few years back. :)

What, srsly? Having my ears and tongue the only piercings I have and you're telling me not to overdo it??? Lemme tell you of all the piercings I DON'T have nor do I ever intend to: Nose, lip, face, eyebrow, nipples, hood/****, chin.<br />
<br />
Care to rethink your statement? LoL

Crikey dont overdoo it