The Pig For Me

I have loved pigs since I was born (although I might not have known what they were). When I was born I was given a little pig toy, perfectly sewed with a nice bright pink fabric. I loved it. I even brought it to show and tell once in grade 2, and on the way to the school I dropped it in a snowbank without noticing. A few weeks later me and my friends were digging in the snow because we saw what we thought was a sock. Guess what! It was Piggy (what I named original huh?) .It did look like a sock though, because I had taken it everywhere with me since birth. Its underbelly was ripped open and the stuffing was falling out, it's right plastic eyeball had it's pupil missing, and its previous bright pink color had faded into a darker pink, and its once curly and upright tail fell limp, and it no longer had a velvety feeling, but a nice feeling just the same. I still loved it for all its worth. My aunt even volunteered to mend it up but I refused, the wear and tear was what made it special, I would not let some woman change what to me, meant so much. Then one day, before I moved across the country, I couldn't find dear old Piggy. This was three years since the event in the snow. I looked everywhere and reseigned with the fact that I would have to leave without him. To this day I have never found a more loyal pig 'friend', although my room is compeltely decorated with pig memorobilia. And that pig gave me great happiness. I hope wherever he is now, he is just as torn and imperfect as I last saw him, because his imperfections are just an open book of his 'life' experiences that gave one little girl a great time and great friend. To Piggy, wherever you are. I love you ;)

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3 Responses Aug 17, 2007

*cries* no lol...I moved across the country..i get this thought that some bratty little kid is sitting in their room right now, spilling ice cream and chocolate sauce all over it...*shivers*.

I love pigs too. Did you ever find your pig toy?

I dug out that pig. lmfao