The Madcap Laughs

i've always been attracted to the 'outcasts' of society.  the ones that don't 'fit in', as being one myself since early childhood.  for instance, in choosing a kitten i took the only one in the litter that didn't have a tail.  she lived for 19 years.

when you don't fit in, its hard to relate what is going on inside.  the alienation.  the fascination with the unspoken struggles within that everybody hides.  the inability to ignore the awful tragedies of life and the state of the world that lend themselves to depression.  the struggle to be a 'functioning part of society' when you loath most of the shallow tenets that it operates on - such as the meaning of 'success'.

when i discovered pink floyd in 1979, i found a voice.  my voice.  and the deeper i dug into the inspiration for many of the lyrics and songs, i discovered syd barrett. 

and for fellow pink floyd fans, you understand where it goes from there...

roadkil roadkil
46-50, M
Feb 12, 2009