Timeless Sondtracks To My Life


I was 16. Young, innocent, timid and awe-filled with the world. It was the 80's in small town New Zealand...years behind the rest of the world in anything cool. I was transforming literally minute by minute from a scrawny kid into a rock of a teenager with horizons of life's experiences lying before me - life, love, sex, drugs, rock n roll, space invaders and Pink Floyd.

the year was 1984 - what a year it was. Johnathan's parents had left to go for a year or two in england and they basically told Johnathan to look after the house - he was 17.  Rob was the other half of his twin brother Tony and they made for fantastic yin and yang in our pod of friends. And then there was 'Q' my cousin - the kind of guy who would go to a party without a dollar to speak of and end up leaving with the girl, all the beers and $50 bucks in his pocket from dubious gambling forays he'd scammed out of the unweary.

Friday nights we would all finish school and go down the road and catch up with our mate Brandon who worked at a sign writing business - they would have regular weekend Brews, Blues and BBQ sessions and it was a great way to get the weekends started.  Around about 8 o'clock we'd all go to the local liqour store and buy a box of steinlagers each - enough for us lightweights back in those days - and back to Johnathans house we'd go to drink, shoot the **** and listen to records - and when we were lucky entertain the brave girls who Q would bring down for drinks and whatever scandalous fun we could coax out of their nun-tight catholic principles...ahh bless their cotton undies...what an education I had...thank you Pink.

And Pink Floyd was always there behind the scenes keeping it all on the very cool down low...I can still hear that saxophone blowing in at around 3 minutes 50 sec's - I don't know how many times we'd use that saxophone climax to initiate a girl into riding the ecstacy we'd all feel just waiting 3 mins and 50 sec's for that release...

what a time - what a band - what an album - oh there were other equal albums but that saxophone solo just brings me back to Johnathans house and the girls who came to lose their religion on us stupid idiots...god what great fun we had...

We're all growed up now and thankfully taking responsibility for much older and more mature lives - but  thank goodness timeless albums like Pink Floyd's are there for all of us to fall back on...


here are the lyrics nd guitar chords for those muso's amongst you - I love playing this every now and again - or at least my own version.




D A G  G A D  D A G  G A D

D                          G              G A D

In my rear view mirror the sun is going down

D                              G   G A

Sinking behind bridges in the road

    G               A                D       A     G

I think of all the good things that we have left undone

Em                         Bm

And I suffer premonitions, confirmed suspicions

Em                   A    D A G  G A D   D A G  G A D

Of the holocaust to come

The rusty wire that holds the cork that keeps the anger in

Gives way and suddenly it's day again

The sun is in the east even though the day is done

Two suns in the sunset

Could be the human race is run


Bm                                    A  Bm

Like the moment when the breaks lock

Bm                                    A

And you slide towards the big truck

A      G                 A                D

You stretch the frozen moments with your fear

Bm                                 A  Bm

And you'll never hear their voices

Bm                                 A

And you'll never see their faces

     G          A                 D

You have no recourse to the law anymore

As the windshield melts and my tears evaporate

Leaving only charcoal to defend

Finally I understand the feelings of the few

Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend

We were all equal in the end

D A G  G A D  D A G  G A D

NOTE: I no longer own a copy of this album so I can't go back and check

to see if there are any mistakes.  I figure something's better than


(from The Final Cut, 1983)

41-45, M
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Very cool story...bless their cotton undies, teehee