Mia Farrow Cut

I have been obsessed with pixie cuts since Mia Farrow. My wife always liked boring haircuts. I persuaded her to let it grow and she did for 4 years, Then I came home one day and it was back to boring. I told her if she wanted short hair to get it cut properly. I cut her hair off over the ears and also cut a short fringe. Then I told her to go with me to the hairdressers and get a Mia Farrow cut, She agreed and it really turned me on. After about 6 months she asked me if I still liked the cut (we went to the hairdressers together every month). I said I wanted her to go shorter on top. So she got the top reduced from 5 cms to 2 cms. This lasted for another 6 months. Again she asked if I wanted her to keep her hair short. Again I said I wanted it shorter. She looked a bit surprised but we went to the hairdresser and got a #4 buzzcut. I found this very erotic as the clippers ran over her head. After about 3 years she said I want to grow my hair again so I agreed as long as she grew it down to her waist with a fringe. Her hair is now 5 cms above her waist and I have asked her to let it grow for 1 more year. She lets me cut the fringe and she also has a short layer above her ears which she gets trimmed regularly. I help her to wash her hair and every day I brush it. I also plait it when she goes to work.
The point of my story is that I find any length of hair erotic in different ways. I think that the best is long hair with a fringe and/ or layers. This means that the hair still has to be cut regularly even when it is butt length. 2 for the price of 1.
brookshair2 brookshair2
66-70, M
Jan 9, 2013