Just Want To Wallow Naked In Her Hot Crop.

When I see a woman with a pixie cut I stare at her hair as much as I can, those soft strands all moving in unison like water flowing.
So intoxicating just to watch her talk and move her head around seeing that hair flip this way and that, my eyes go from her face and back to her hair then back over and over watching her eyes her expressions and watching her hair fall this way and that.
How I would ever get enough of that pixie fluff I don't know. Touching it is good but it's just my fingers, putting my face in it is better but it's just my face. I came up with the idea that the way to satisfy my pixie cut lust (maybe) might be if I were small enough to actually go for a naked wallow in a woman's pixie cut. I've often tried to imagine what that stuff would feel like on my bare foot as I first stepped in and sank slowly past my ankle probably sort of tickely and soft. I imagine I would immediately sink at least to my hips in it or maybe deeper not sure.
I do know that by then almost half of my naked skin would be touching soft pixie fluff! Not only that, I would be suspended in the stuff, floating kind of. I think then I would lean back and kind of wallow, kicking my legs slowly and see if I moved or what would happen I know I would get more contact with it as it closed around my upper back and over my chest just hanging there would probably feel incredible! After that slowly kick my legs, wiggle around slowly just feel the soft fluff all over me, probably roll around some to , just for good measure lol.
PixieCutLover PixieCutLover
41-45, M
Jan 19, 2013