I Enjoy Plants Even Though I Don't Have Much of a Green Thumb

I grew up watching my parents care for plants. My dad went more for the exotic types and would sometimes grow plants from avocado seeds and the like, which amazed me to watch as a child. Most of my mother's plants flourished beautifully, but sometimes she would nurture the most weak-looking or seemingy hopeless tiny plant and eventually it would pick up and become something lovely to look at. I managed to kill off my share of plants and didn't think I'd ever get anywhere with them, but when my son was small, I wanted him to get to feel the excitement of watching things grow. We had blackberry vines in our backyard for several years, and picking those in the summer was fun (I did that--the thorns are mean!) He and I grew cherry tomatoes & strawberries, though, and we also planted flowers from seed. I got more into houseplants too. My favorite is the china doll. I love the delicate-looking leaves. I love flowering plants too--azaleas, begonias, dianthus, pansies, double-flowering impatiens. Also small succulents work well for someone like me, since they're so easy to care for. My living situation doesn't really allow for me to have many plants presently, so I'll enjoy sharing about them here with others who enjoy them in the meantime :)

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

I love my garden. It was late when I planted the bulbs for the Tulips, Buttercups and the rest. It was during the warm spell that we had in mid December. They have already started to sprout. My love Dahlias. The globe, the double petaled, the dwarf etc are awesome. I love the Gladioli too. I have around 10 different colours. Take the time to have a look at my garden, I would appreciate your comments too. Roses are my favourite of them all - Purple at that.