I Love Plastic Pants

i love to wear plastic pants beacuse they feel nice i love how they hug my hips

babyeldon babyeldon
51-55, M
3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

hi love those baby plastic pants and i know you do to i always wear a diaper and baby plastic pants i get so work up in them after i have just put them on the love of plastic it will always be with me now when i was a teenagers those clothlines were just so full of baby plastic pants and real large ones also i was keeped in baby plastic pants for quite some time there was always good supply on these clothslines i use to go visiting and the clothesbasket had plenty of those plastics i take a pair or two and i needed to go to the toilet so it gave me the opportunity to put them on i miss that now ins't it so sad to see this disapear.

i wore a diaper to the doctors i got looked at funny

yes i do too, wear diapers and plastic pants, not only to bed but most of the time, the only one is that i have to go to the doctors i don't wear them, because if i have to disrobe i am afraid of being laughed at.