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Messed In Plastic Knickers

Today feeling bored and some what at a loose end i decided to try something that i have been wanting to do for a long time, poop in a pair of rubber pants no diaper just the pants. I put on a pair of purple bikini style plastic pants and an old pair of sweat pants and drove over to the mall. had some lunch at taco time (yeahhhhhhhh i know) but its the only place where i know i would poop very quick after eating it. I wandered around the mall then suddenly it hit me a bad stomach cramp, i clutched my stomach as i heard a rumbling gurgly sound, i let a fart go and allmost at once i smelt it PHEW stinky girl for sure. It was a lingering smell hmmmm not sure if i had better go through with this if its diarrea i am in big trouble i thought, another fart this time a silent but deadly one i moved away quickly from the spot, i walked a bit more pressure now building in my bowels, i clenched my bum a couple of times then pretending to look in a store window i relaxed , my legs slightly apart and strained UGH!!!!!!!! A SOFT MUSHY POO dropped into my plastic knickers more came out, i grunted some more and suddenly all hell broke loose a torrent of soft brown mush filled my pants suprisingly they held it all in, i grunted more and another small amount filled my pants i ended up farting once or twice and that was that i was finished. I stood there for a moment feeling the warm poop against my cute gorgeous little bum (well so tia says) i begun to walk some more. The poo was squishing up against my bum as i sat down on a bench i heard the squelchy sound and the smell wafting up from my pants. An old lady gave me a dirty look and tut tutted her disaproval of the smell. i sat there a while longer it felt sooooo good the warm mush smashed up against my bum, i felt it begining to oozzzz out around my legs i figured i better head for home for a major clean up. walking through the mall was a turn on and a blast i heard several comments from people one little girl said to her mother mom that lady smells like poo poo, the lady quickly told the child to shut up. It felt great and will do it again some time.

mells mells 31-35, F 6 Responses Mar 17, 2009

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i can really feel for you Mells. There is nothing like a good poop in plastic pants. I have tried pooping in fabric pants, nappy and plastic pants and the latter is by far the best. You can guarantee that the poop will be pleasantly contained in the pants and, if you wear the smallest size that you can get into, the mess will be held firmly against your skin. I think that if all those who like messing their pants were to try plastic pants then there would be far more stories on this topic

this story is a big turn on i like it

if you like this sorta thing you should check out this vid on Youtube: spy-cam diaper explosion- part two: a very messy morning. It's kinda gross (I happened upon it. I'm not one for the whole diaper thing but I don't judge people either)... but funny at the same time! And a little weird. Whatever. Just check it out. <br />
PS- I dunno why, but the vid just popped up on me! I didn't even look for it!

Awesome story. The only time i will poop in public is with a diaper on. I would totally freak out if i thought anybody had noticed.

I know sometimes i cant even take it, when i was younger and still used the potty my dad would say for a small girl you sure got a big stink (yeah thanks dad i love you too)

Oh you have been a bad girl today! I am so glad you can't record smells and e-mail them. A video I can take, but the smells you describe, Eeewww!!!