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i really enjoy play games like chrono trigger, final fantasy, dragon quest (i am extreme huge fan of dragon quest), and most rpg games. i dont' like any action, or adventure, etc... just rpg. reason i like chrono trigger because you can time travel to different period but same place. and you got chance to see the parasite consume the planet in different time period. Final fantasy are best know for cause damage maxium 9,999! but also story pretty good. i really like final fantasy vi best because of large cast of playable character, and there's lot of story twist. and lastly dragon quest was best know for most old fashion which i like. since only iv, v, vi had most best story, lucky, all iv,v,vi are remake on way. i got iv, and soon get v on this friday. i really like that game graphic because you got to see all character out of the battle. they line up like line and follow the leader. those games are my favorite.

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Thanks for letting me know about Dragon Quest! it sounds very good! :)