its fun, if u haven't tried it before, u should try it now, even more fun with cam and/or mic!
ironfucker ironfucker
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1 Response Aug 31, 2014

Anything sexual just makes me angry.

thats ur problem not mine!

Yeah it is my problem. It's also a lot of other people's problems cos I get flirted with a lot and since I am a psychotic bloodthirsty little girl, I get violent with people when the sexy talk to me.

correct me if im wrong: i didnt talked sexual to u......

No, you didn't, which is why I'm not cursing at you in Slovak or saying mean things to you.

if it would be in slovak, what would i care i wouldnt understand.....

Lol that's true.

and i dont really understan..... i thought u didnt wanted to talk to me....

I'm high on opium right now. I dunno what I wanna do. I think I'm gonna go to sleep though.

k try me if ur sober, then tell me what u want, oh yeah, in opposition to u, i am a sexual person, if u really dont like that, sober or not, we better stop talking

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