Playing Doctor As A Kid

I guess many kids have tried some sort of 'doctors and nurses' play at some point, but for me it was always something much more special. I was quite active in playing doctor when I was kid, and for some of the early years when I was maybe between 10 and 13 playing doctor was almost a replacement for other sexual experiences which were still then lacking. It was probably equally much about curiosity to other kid's anatomy and having fun as it was about relieving sexual urges and pressure, so in that sense one could say it was some sort of an early version of sex even though quite childish and innocent one.

Lot of the inspiration came from real doctor visits - the school doctor exam at 5th grade definitely added some ideas to the play exams as well, but most of the ideas actually came from earlier childhood - from the earlier exams when there weren't even any stripping naked involved, but also from the experiences at home with my mom checking my foreskin or giving suppositories. Probably for those reasons medical things became somehow associated with sexuality and excitement in my head and gradually then offered a perfect excuse to feed curiosity and sexual urges under the disguise of doctor play.

I had most of my experiences with my best friend (another boy) but there were some other kids as well every now and then when I got a chance or was courageous enough to propose something like that.. We liked to play as much as possible as if it was a real exam, so one of us was always doctor and the other was patient and we acted like the patient would be 'called in' to the exam room (typically my room in our house) to have an exam. With other kids it was sometimes more random, as the excitement came more from getting to see a new kid naked and the procedure was less important, but with my best friend we always followed clear procedure.

One thing I especially liked was the discipline, so the one who was playing doctor acted like a real doctor giving the orders and deciding what had to be done, and the other had play along and let it all happen. I really liked the feeling of having to obey the rules when I was patient - it made you feel like you were really the little boy and the other felt like real adult to you in that moment. But I have to admit that I equally liked the power of being the doctor :) Especially when 'examining' a new patient (let alone girl patient for the first time!!) it felt really special!

The exam procedures developed along the way. Initially it was not much more than looking and touching a bit, but over time we introduced other stuff like things on the b-side (rectal temps, suppositories..) or even 'erection tests' and other imaginary exams that real doctors would have probably envied :) Touching and feeling was of course big part of it, but even just having the power to ask the other one to ***** off all clothes or assume all kinds of exposing positions was pretty fun in itself even before the first touch :)

Pulling legs up on tummy or in other words the "diaper position" had somehow a very special meaning to me, so it quickly became popular in the doctor play as well.. I guess it started with my mom giving me suppositories in that position and I somehow developed a love-hate relationship with that position. I liked that feeling of being really exposed, and even though I was often also embarrassed like hell I also enjoyed the sexual excitement that being in that position made me feel, so no wonder I also liked to see other kids in that position.

Getting to see a girl in that position was something beyond awesome for me - I still remember the first time! I was 11 back then and she was just 9 or soon turning 10 when it happened. It was summer and we had already seen each other naked and I had told her about the exams boys got in the 5th grade and made her all excited and eventually had talked her into playing doctor with me (victory!) so we went to a small shed type of summer house where we slept in our summer place and I pulled out my doctor kit and started examining her and at one point told her I would need to take her temperature and told her (surprise surprise :) to get into the 'diaper position'.

I was almost sure she would not allow me to do it but surprisingly she did not resist at all, just rolled on her back and pulled her legs up as I told her and there she was in all her glory :) I had seen her 'pink stuff' once before in the same day when she spread her lips a bit and allowed me to look, but I had not seen her like THAT! I have probably seldom had my heart pounding and hands shaking as much as back then when I was trying to hold the rectal thermometer still to get it into her bottom hole and all the time I was just staring at her bare bottom and bright pink crack that was spread wide open and I remember noticing her 'opening' clearly visible in the middle there :) The funny thing is that when I got to see her again later that week in a different position I was wondering where had that opening vanished and I got to see her sliding a finer into her. Of course the opening was still there but it was just less 'open' in that position, but it looked strange to see her finger sliding into herself even though there didn't seem to be any hole :) Well, I probably never forget that sight and I learned a ton about female anatomy that week!

So this was my childhood :) I actually still today like medical fetish, but since I was 13 or 14 and started hassling with girls for real the doctor play has been mainly left to my own thoughts and fantasies only. Still like the topic as such!
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I grew up a whole generation before you and our play was a bit different but the sensations were the same. Back then it was all about exploration and childhood curiosity.
There were many boys and girls with a sort of "bottom fetish" who enjoyed the view of e/o's bottoms. We were never naked for fear of getting caught and the lifting of skirts and pulling down of undergarments and the view of same was always part of the fun and excitement of the game.
I, too, remember my first time playing the game with someone other than my sister. I call her "E" in my stories. She also played with her friends but I was the first boy she played the game with.
We met during a recess time and started hanging out after school. I knew there was a family that had moved in only a few houses down from us just before school started.
Over time we sat under a tree near the play equipment and just shared interests and family life. We formed a very close friendship and unbeatable bond which lasted three years.
During one of our conversations I asked her about her favorite games and we shared our favorite childhood games like Hiho
cherio and matching game and even old maid (this was early elementary school. I was second grade, she in first).
Then, she inquired about "pretending" games (role play). I mentioned My sister had me playing "house" with her and her dolls and "doctor" with her.
"E's" eyes got big and she said, "oh, I LOVE those games!" After a few seconds of silence, she asked, "would you play them with me?" I wholeheartedly agreed and we made plans to meet after school in some woods behind the our homes. We decided to take things slow and start with playing house. She suggested a daddy/daughter scene and right away wanted me to spank her. I first asked her how she was spanked at home and she admitted she was spanked over the knee.
I spanked my sister that way so sat in a fallen tree and hauled her over my knee and started spanking her over her dress. After a dozen or so swats, she looked back at me and said, "my daddy do it on my bare bottom." I was shocked but gradually lifted her dress exposing her pale blue cotton panties. I was so enjoying the view, I even delivered a few swats to them before lowering them to just about three inches below the bottom. I noticed her sweet backside had a pink tint to it from the previous blows. As the spanking progressed I noticed her bottom tighten as my hand landed on her bare flesh, which got a little redder and hotter. She began to moan the I heard her cry a bit. Not wanting to hurt her, I slowed the pace and stopped after a half dozen more spanks.
I didn't help her to her feet right away, neither did she attempt to get up on her own but just laid there on my lap as I instinctively began rubbing her bottom tenderly. She looked back at me smiling her approval as I massaged her bottom for about three minutes.
I then lifted her panties and helped her up. She had stopped crying and we looked into e/o's eyes and she gave me a hug. I took her hand and led her out of the woods. When we got to the sidewalk we parted ways.
At school the next day we met under "our" tree and she expressed how much she enjoyed the time she spent over my knee and asked to meet there twice a week to play again.
After a couple weeks I asked her if she wanted to switch roles and she said she enjoyed being over my knee and wanted to keep it that way.
It wasn't long before we included "doctor in our play in the same spot. We cleared a spot for our game but after a while the ground was too damp and dirty so explored some possible places to play. She suggested we stay in our spot since it was the only place we could play out of eye and ear shot. She seemed to enjoy her bottom being exposed to the cool air for shots and rectal temperatures and we agreed to continue them with her over my knee.
These games continued until it got too cold. We tried e/o's basements but were almost caught a few times but managed to cover for ourselves each time. Once summer came, we met regularly to play. To my horror, I found out my dad's job had moved its headquarters 2,000 miles away. E was devastated. We hugged and held e/o close as she cried on my shoulder. I gently rubbed her back and eventually worked my way to her bottom. We talked until it was time for us to be home.
We talked on the phone a few times but over the months our calls we less frequent and, eventually ended. Her phone had been disconnected and I had no forwarding address or phone # for her.
I continued playing with other kids but somehow the games were never the same. I missed my special friend and her lovely bottom.

Love this topic. I used to play doctor with boy and girl friends or cousins when I as younger. They others would usually be to shy to undress, but when it as my turn to be a patient, I'd remove all my clothes. It was hilarious seeing their reactions, especially the girls. I remember one time when I was 11 I talked my babysitter (17) into playing. To my shock she actually took off all her clothes. First tiem I saw a naked woman besides my mom. ;-)

Your sitter must have been used to the game or was a sex maniac to agree and act w/o a moment's consideration. Did she ever doctor you?