A Kick To Remember

A while back myself and a few of my friends were hanging out in the woods smoking butts and drinking a couple of beers a guy had grabbed from his parents refrigerator. We have a little shack, just a couple of boards nailed together really, where we can stash stuff.

Anyway we're out by the shack, we called it "The Hut" but who cares. Anyway it's me two girl friends and Corny who's real name is Cory but that doesn't matter. We let Corny come along because he is the only one that ever manages to score weed.

To make a long story not so long, we're all stoned and we start talking ****. As we were talking I started thinking about something I had seen on the internet a while back. I had done a search on "kicked in the balls" on Google and saw all these videos of guys getting kicked in the nuts. They were all pretty stupid, the guys were always dressed but still. .. I found it very erotic to see a guy get kicked in the jewels.

I started to hatch a plan. I got the girls to go behind the hut with me to use the "girls room" . I told them my plan to see if they were game. When we all went back to the hut I set the plan in motion. It took a little while. I moved the conversation to sex, blow jobs and stuff knowing Corny would be horny pretty fast. So my friend Laura springs the trap. She asks Corny if he would let us see his ****. So he is stoned and horny and drops his drawers in a heart beat. Laura moved right in and got him to step out of his pants. She oohed and aahed about how big his **** is and ****. She gives his **** a little kiss and starts to go to work on it. So I stand behind him whispering in his ear, rubbing his back and ****. Of course he thinks he is getting the royal treatment.

Laura keeps working his **** and then just when she feels him start to *** she reaches back and touches me giving me the signal to do the deed. With that I kicked him right straight in the balls from behind. His **** was shooting his load at the same time he doubled up and dropped on the ground. WHAT A RUSH! Laura and Annie grabbed his legs and pulled his legs apart giving me a perfect second shot at his nut sack. BOOM!

Oh yeah...

He won't tell anyone.

Ya see Laura is only 15, Corny is 19.

JennaTalia JennaTalia
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i have a few questions

Jenna would you please kick me in my balls?

I came to this story

OMG That is so hot! I would love it if you did that to me! I love having my nuts kicked, kneed, punched & squeezed! Check out my photo albums, and if you're interested, I made a few videos of me ballbusting myself, too. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Lool, I had a similar experience, me and three friends- kaylee, rebbeca, and jack went camping, jack was ******* them off one night so I went and secretly spoke to then, we came up with an amazing plan, when jack was asleep, kaylee pulled his trousers down in full view of his d**k she and rebbeca held his legs apart- and with three of my strongest blows I kicked down on his balls soo hard that he screamed in pain, rebbeca the jumped down on themaking him scream again and kaylee grabbed then twisted them, he said he was sorry and would never do it again, kaylee and Rebecca felt sorry for him so the soothed his **** by sucking it and rubbing it, that was such a fun night, I got them to suck me as well, it feels good

I'm sure it was worth it :p

Y did u do that anyway?

Getting kicked as you *** must be a fantastic feeking, i bet he enjoyed it.

You could tie me down spread eagled and then take turns kicking me in the balls all you wanted, In fact to get it started I would stand there in front of you all naked and punch my balls over and over again then you girls could go to work on them yourselves

My wife likes to get on al fours on top of me, start kissing my face and then brings her knee into my balls, repeatedly. I love the thrill of not knowing exactly when it is coming.

Unbelievable crafty plan. Can't believe you pulled it off.

I am not even a guy and I am doubled over Jenna. I hope he lived. lol

And they hold him apart for a second shot. It's like watching a train wreck.... you cant look away

That's awesome... a guy being tricked into getting naked and hard by a roup of clothed girls... and then being humiliated by them.. and one was considerably younger...awesome. I would've gone back for more, wishing you would tell everyone, and the next time you could've filmed it for everyone to see and laugh with you... but then I'm a guy with a tiny penis who gets off on being humiliated (in a big way).

that's not fun