***** Backgammon

After a nasty separation, I went a little wild - tom-catting whenever I had the chance. I picked up a massage table to fulfill a fantasy of mine from way back and my phys ed background gave me some talent as well. I got onto several dating sites - both phone and on the internet - ones where you leave a profile and an ad.

I was fond of backgammon and it's gambling aspect was perfect with the right partner. I spelled it out in my ad : someone who was a fan of the game, was adventurous and open to new experiences. When we connected, it was soon clear who was or was not willing to meet for a game of ***** Backgammon on a first date. I sweetened the pot - I offered a full-body massage if they won. Some were incensed and wanted to have nothing to do with it, others were open to the idea but not on a first date, etc. It took a while, but over a two month period I did have several positive responses.

I tried to keep it simple. It was summer and wore shorts, briefs and a tee shirt, sandles. Since I only had four items ("pairs" count as one, no jewelty), I tried to convince my partner that that should be the limit - four. Some took advantage and claimed for all that they were wearing, but it was summer and nobody was bundled up.

My favourite memory was at a downtown condo. She told me I needn't bring the massage table as she had one already set up! All right!
She was as cute as a button and (no word of a lie!) had the largest breasts I had ever seen! She told me later on that they were an F cup! I had never heard of anything over a DD! They were natural too - she said they were too big and would never have done so on purpose. However, this did not prevent her from being proud of them! She was dressed in blouse and skirt with a matching bra (incredible) and panty set, She agreed that the garter-belt, stockings and high heels count as one (giving her five to my four) but I stipulated that they go last. I brought a bottle of red to share, but she preferred white and had a cask in the fridge.

Well, after a couple of hours and several glasses of wine each, I was naked and she was due for a massage. She had lost everything else except the the latter. She agreed to keep them on for the first few minutes, but she wanted a serious massage and did not want any oil on her stockings. Because it was her place, she had an appropriate bolster - one that allowed her to prop herself up when on her stomach. She also had a "pregnancy" table - one that had inserts cut out of the table where her breasts were and enabled them to hang free down below. Her nipples were below the level of the table and she was able to manipulate them while I concentrated on her thighs and butt - so exquisitely framed by the garters and stockings. The next ten minutes consisted of my concentrating on this area and she had no objection when I began in there with my tongue

To make a long story short, It was an incredibly hot session for the both of us, probably because we knew it would be our last.
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56-60, M
Nov 18, 2010