Naked Pool Game - Most Fun Ever

Im straight, but sometimes curious about guys. My cousin claims hes straight, but sometiomes, i think hes bisexual.

One day, my family went to visit family and we were visiting reletives that lived about a quarter mile away from where my cousin lives. My cousin really wanted to go swimming, and i brought my bathing suit just incase he wanted to.

We walked down to his house where only his dad was home and a friend of my uncle's. They spent the whole time inside. My cousin, Tyler, got dressed in his room, when he was done, i got dressed. We went to the pool and started playing around we always did. We wressled and pretended to fight.

One time, I pushed off the side of his pool and put my hands on his hip, and at the same time, he pushed me down and dodged me. But my fingers got snaged on his bathing suit and they came down a little. For revenge he tried to pull my down, and this went on and on and will start a game we will play up to today. That was the first time I saw his butt. And to tell the truth, it was the most perfect butt ive ever seen! not to sound gay.

We played the whole time, and we played again when he came to my house, but it was not as fun as it was befor and it seemed like he was just mad at me. idk why.

Last time i went to his house and the last time i saw him, we went swimming, and i decided not to bring it up unless he did. We were not in the pool longer than 3 sec and he said, "You remember that game we used to play." I said ya and he got this wird grin he does alot and he went straight fot my pants. The first try he exposed my entire butt. I tried to pull his down and i found that he had his boxers on. After taking them off, we continued.

One time I got his bathing suit to his nees and saw everything clearly for the first time. Then sometime between him and me, he changed the rules that you had to get completly naked. Well i was the first to get completly naked. That was the first time he saw me naked and the first time he saw anything other than by butt.

He got me naked once and I didnt get him naked at all. One time I got him naked and threw his bathing suit across the pool. He tried to get me naked while he was naked and he got me naked. So we were both naked in the pool and really didnt care. Actually, (this gives me the idea that he isnt straight) while i was naked and he was naked, he went behind me and put his arms around me and put his private on my butt crack and humped me. (he was not errect.). I didnt really like it, but i didnt really dislike it either.

Now we are the best of friends, eventhough he doent want me to see him naked when he had to go to the bathroom and he asked me to close my eyes (his bathroom door is not their). Go figure.

I want to do this again, but we are closing our pool and the weather got cool and is not going to warm up again. I will have to find another game!

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is he the only one to ***** you naked or find you naked