Does Anyone Know A Good Free Online Scrabble Site?

It would be a fabulous game to play with my EP buddies :)

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25 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Try the Internet Scrabble Club ... (review at

Ooo, that sound interesting! I'll have to have a go with Roj and the kids next week. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a heap of fun. WG

I could find it. I joined but there was no sign of scrabble zing anywhere on the site. Bummer.

Thanks JO!! Very cool!!! I'll check it out. free online scrabble, discovered thanks to a little help from my friends. I am sticking to the real thing I would really slow you down on the computer. A test run with my fingers, oh well it exists for all those scrabble fans.

Imo - lets all pretend we're from Ireland and play the russian version. Make scrabble more challanging. <br />
<br />
I was never good at scrabble :(

So where do we play? And why do I have to be Australian? I got confused somewhere... d-uh?<br />
<br />
But I can't stay long either. Our time zones are whacked. It's half-past 2 in the morning here of March 10...I know...why am I still up? It was because of work......maybe on the weekends???

Yes, I play with my children all the time. The youngest likes it the most. Like me, he agonises over where to get the most points. lol. And yes, we have a scrabble board at home.

WG do you play with the children still? Have you a scrabble board at home? is a good game site.

Yes! Oh dear, that's no good, then everyone would know who I am! Hmmmm.<br />
<br />
I'm wimming at the moment! She is very quiet!

Don't tell me we have to join facebook...

It's so cool! I'm playing a game with someone from indonesian at the moment. But she won't chat to me as we play. Come on buddies I want to play someone from here!

maybe there is this game on ep but im not sure..

You could try I suppose... only way to find out??? Maybe if you start the game and invite her?

I wonder if they could tell?

Maybe Sylph could pretend she's Australian?

WHo wants to play with me!!!! I'm dying to have a game. We could even do it over a week or so.

SYLPH! I found one on facebook! It's free! But it says that canadians can't do it :( WHY NOT????

Oh yeah...*Sylph snaps her finger*...might get costly. EP should really just add this feature here.<br />
<br />

Cooly Dooley. We will have to have an onlilne game once I've worded out how to do it without paying any money!

Well, that's the point of it all, Roj...tactics to use those colored tiles and win. Women are great at tactics, Roj...we have our ways... ;)

Sylph I rather enjoy a bit of scrabble - but get a bit frustrated at the time WG takes trying to figure out ways of using the triple word score, and all seven letters...

Oooohhh...would love to play scrabble with you, WG. Love such board games...totally addicting! Does Roj play with you? Hubby hates playing with me...he sucks at it. But he's darn good in chess...damn! ;)

Well EP needs to have a a scrabble board! I'm going to make the suggestion!