Whoever says that they don't like playing with bubblewrap is either in serious denial, or are afraid of the thing itself. How can you resist? Thats the best part of buying something that requires packaging! The bubblewrap! Half the time you request the bubblewrap. Who cares about the thing you ordered? You're ready to pull out the bubble wrap and have a party. Its nice to see someone just sitting there with their game face on, concentrating on popping every single last bubble on that little sheet. Or on the medium sheets, its fun to jump on them. But the best ones, are the large ones (sizes seems to matter in so many ways... =]). With the large sheets of bubblewrap, you just put it on the ground, lie on it, and begin rolling back and forth like a mad man. Sure, you look stupid doing any of these methods... but do you care?! Hell no! You're having fun with your bubblewrap. People may call you stupid... but keep in mind that you have the bubblewrap! You have the party! :)
PoeticRejection PoeticRejection
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4 Responses Dec 11, 2007

You said it so well! I agreed with you totally, thanks for your story!

Those air bags just aren't a proper substitute. Bubble wrap will always be more fun.

Thank you! I know!! The foamie things are fun, too. Especially when they come in the really big boxes that you can dive into!! Definitely... I LOVE bubble wrap!! And thanks again! :)

I LOVE how you wrote this fun story, for one! And I SOOO agree with everything you said! Although a box of the little foamie things are fun to dig around in too, Bubble wrap is the TOTAL ULTIMATE in self-amusement!! ;P