I'm Sorry Friend-poem

As I watch my tears run down my cheeks I stop and whisper,
Why couldn't I just have said I miss you?
Why did I have to go and wreck it all again,
Why couldn't I just let myself be happy?
Why can't I smile and just keep smiling?
Why do I have to wait till the tears stream.
I wish I could just be normal and tell people that I care.
I wear a warning sign around my neck,
to show people to beware of me.
I'm the life wrecker,
the destroyer of friendships.

Everyone I talk to gets upset,
Everyone I get close to begins to hate me.
Everyone I care about finds me boring,
everyone I love rather I died.
With all my regrets and all my secrets,
what is the point in my existence?
I want to prove to them so badly I can be the friend they need,
but I can't be and I'll never be able to be.
I wish every every bone in my body it could be different.
But wishes, hopes and dreams never come turn.

It hurts so much to say goodbye,
but it is too much pain to stay.
I can't forget these memories we share,
but I need you to forget them for your own good.
I'm the key to dispair,
I'm the darkness in the shadows on the wall,
I know you will find better person to fill my place,
and I bid you farewell,
I leave you my apologize,
forever I will try to make up to you all,
but from a distance my dear friends.
I'm sorry....

mysteryteen mysteryteen
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2012