There Is A Story In Every Poem

Poetry is such a good outlet for me. Someone falsely accused me of something bad. Instead of getting angry, I turned it into a poem about different kinds of birds. As beautiful as the Steller Blue Jay is, it's got an irritating sound. So this person became a noisy bird in my poem. No, I did not send it to her. I did show it to a friend, who told me to sit down at my computer and write a book of poetry. I do have my poems glued into a book, I enjoy reading them. If I find anyone who will share some with me, I will share mine, even though mine are kind of simple. I'm no Elizabeth Barrett Browning


The birds sing to me,
I enjoy their melodies.
I love the birds,
with a cheerful tone,
they make me laugh,
even when things go wrong.
Some birds squawk,
to ruin my day,
I don't care, they don't matter to me.
They can't touch what I have found,
They can't see it,
though it's all around.

by R.E.M.
aka Boshie
Boshie Boshie
66-70, F
Jul 29, 2012