Silhouette Of Dreaming Passion Chapbook

Images of Aspiring Love

Knowing that time stood still; remembering back….
Options of interest aspire deep within;
Sensing a memory; feeling its healing change
Memories breathe: - holding each thought

Asking for a chance; dance; roses given;
Friendship bonds growing closer; feeling the heartbeat
Showing, reaching out; holding out a hand
pressions known, never alone

Thoughts breathe within each memory,
pressions lost; held deep within
Intently holding on to an image; knowing it is true;
Unconditional values bound by unity

Expressions of Interest

Bonding friendships now breathe,
Images; interest; - breathe in concern
Remembering memories; -
Holding their emotion close

Time holds on to a rose….

pressions of interest; held in depth,
Knowing another from within
Breathing in, taking a chance
Reaching out a hand; grasping hold

Holding each thought intently

Bonding images enmesh;
Friendship is now rekindled
Thoughts of ex
pression dreamt -
Memories of interest silently breathe

Mourning Angels

Misting thought’s stir deep within,
Memories surface; Images blend remembering; -
Friendships bound by unity; knowing one is never alone;
Holding on; never giving in

Reaching out; endearing passion; true friendship
Healing change;- breathing from within; -

Love breathes, knowing another; holding life by the hand
Living the dream; holding on to the fibers of time
Falling rains now silently breathe; - now fall…
Memories now slowly surface,

Silently our emotions breathe within; - Remembering

Caressing Touch of Loves Hand

Treading uncharted waters;
Feeling shadows fade; living once again
For I know now an angel has touched my soul;
I must now return and rejoice in love
A security of knowing love will never fade,
Only growing - stronger within!

Comforting Understanding

A single breath lets out a lonely sigh,
Soft droplets begin in the form of a falling tear
A comforting touch only a phone call away;
Searching the skies of midnight; for the strength

Recognition that one is never alone,
If to only ask for an unconditional friendship
Understood is one’s in ability to reach out;
When an unbearable emotion is hard to express

It takes a considerable strength to embrace,
An unknown feeling without an understanding
A comforting voice saying; it’s alright; - I am here for you…

JamesEric JamesEric
36-40, M
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This book is dedicated to a friend that lost her life due to Domestic Violence.

All proceeds from the book and related products that have been established will go into a fund for her family!