Aligning Embraces

Aligning Embraces of Spirituality

Within each memory; -
Unconditional expressions breathe
Spiritual embraces align,
Relations of interest; silently breathe
Through an inner connection of spirituality

Images of Memory

Images of memory silently breathe,
Embracing each thought
Emerging thoughts of friendship, now blend
Bonding energies breathe; rekindle;

Subtle images scatter;
Knowing the memory;
Feeling its embrace

Memories of an unconditional embrace
Caresses of touch; breathing in each memory
Unconditional interests breathe

Holding on to your image,
Breathing deep within
Reaching out;-

Silent Rains of Spiritual Emotion

Foundations of emotion now silently breathe,
Gathering and growing in strength
Shadows of emotion and physical redemption;
Now reach out, grasping hold; falling into the very depth

Treading; tracing unknown foundations; feeling a healing embrace,
Driving into a pouring rain; tears of remembrance slowly touch
Touching the foundations of change; a healing change;
Losing sight; feelings of what was; remembering

A concerned friend, lost in a misunderstanding; a gift was,
A glimpse of a pure soul; a love of knowing one from within
Confusion now sets in; scattering foundations;
Now reach out into one’s heart; spiritually connecting

To the one who asked an angel to grace your presence; -

Wings of Protection

Wings of protection span, comforting a loving soul, -
Arms of fortitude strengthen; reach out to embrace
An angel was sent to you for protection in your time of need;
Knowing sensing and feeling one’s pain

Transcending back to the one who praised,
Feeling twin foundations of spiritual energy align
Aligning in an understanding; a healing power of personal growth;

If wings of fallen time should fade
Seek out; touch the depth of relation; a concerning friend…

Dancing Memories of Midnight

Wrapping my heart around the hands of midnight,
Reaching out through the depths of time
Memories of the old unfold; known is a passion;
Feeling the touch of a red rose

Another who’s touched the depth of soul!
Wings of an angel now renew
Searching the depths; breathing deeply; kneeling down;
Timeless boundaries slowly begin to open

Awakening from a dream; breathing in its emotional touch,
Knowing a new day, life is about to begin
Treading uncharted waters;
Feeling shadows fade; living once again

For I know now an angel has touched my soul;
I must now return and rejoice in love
A security of knowing love will never fade,
Only growing stronger within…

Blurring Images Echo

Remembering each memory;-
Connections of interest breathe; energies align
Etching images dreampt; experiences of similarity; wane
Feeling the depths of relation

As graphic images embrace in the mirror,
Time now repeats; - Blurring images ripple. Echo….
Experiences of similarity; now embrace

Etching images dreamt;
Experiences of similarity; wane

Feeling the depths of relation
Knowing the rippling image
Sensing images; feeling its touch…

Thought fray; breathing in the fear
Also knowing its trembling image

Remembering each memory;-
Connections of interest breathe; energies align
Etching images dreampt; experiences of similarity; wane
Feeling the depths of relation

Life’s Radiance Breathes

As sensual and spiritual bonds echo…..
Depth of intent interest holds on to your image
Breathing in unconditional friendship;
Expressing the words of love….

Beauty, intent; radiance… Shines…

Holding your hand, asking for you to dance; -
Memories of interest strive; to live on
Dancing the very gift of life; -
Knowing the depth of the light within

Beauty, intent; radiance… Shines…

Embracing its very essence
Seeing you breathe in the inner light….
Holding the very value of life close

JamesEric JamesEric
36-40, M
Nov 26, 2012