My Own.

i remember when i used to admire you..
up until like maybe a week ago
when i passed by someone who was so unimportant
to our relationship
but nonetheless..someone who has lifted a weight
....without even knowing it.

i held you up high above my head
as far as my arms could possibly stretch
and even further than my fingertips when
i stood on my tippy toes, and
reached to my absolute tallest height

practically having to shield my eyes
from the sun to look up at you...
the sunlight behind you and its rays
creating what, i thought at the time, you were
all about..

but in the past few days,
weeks?? however long its been since
my mind started taking over as
the light in my heart flickered..
on off on off.. until it was usless...
i realized that the sun was not
a halo

it was simply what made me blind.
blind to the darkness of your face,
silhouetted against the brightness of
the sky, promising and real...
who are you?
i guess i never knew

tenaciouslemon tenaciouslemon
22-25, F
2 Responses Dec 10, 2008

The beauty of revelation

I liked it. You have a nice way of writing