Shocking Rant

Okay people, heres a shocker. Today I went onto Youtube to watch some walkthrough videos, and my favorite lets player is the one and only..... Chuggaaconroy.But when I clicked on his name to go to his channel, It took me to Youtube's home page with a pink notice saying; 'this account has been suspended'. I was confused. Before he was suspended, he had a link to other youtube channels. The ones I can remember are Bulbapedia, SuperSkarmory and ZeldaUniverse. So I went to ZeldaUniverse's website and there were an article about it that says that some douchebag posted false DMCA claims like they owned the rights to pokemon and Chuggaa's voice.

That's all for now.
Awesome999 Awesome999
26-30, M
Jul 22, 2010