I love Pokemon, since i was about 7 or 8 years. I nearly freaked out, when i get the Yellow Edition. (Sadly in english language....my mothertounge is german! And i was bad in english. I mean....reeeeeally BAAAAD ;D) But it was like heaven for me after all.
When i was a kid, i also like the show, but...since i was about 12, I dont like it even more. Ash is just to boring and shallow.
But i´m in love with the games! I played it...every year. When i become a teenager, i have kinky thoughts about Daigo/Steven Stone and Matsuda/Morty! P: Rawraw <3
I have a lot of other interest´s, but my love never died in all the years.
Now i´m 22. And i play Pokemon after all.
(And EVERY of my Pokemon has a own name...in every Edition!
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i also have the yellow one and i like it, how Pikachu is always running behind you xD