Still Like Pokemon

Well, I'm almost 19 and I am patiently waiting for the remakes of gold and silver to come out in north america (less than a week!)  I remember being this excited a decade ago when the original gold and silver were released. My dad bought the gold version for me and it has become my favorite pokemon game since then. Meowth is my favorite pokemon btw.

Pokemon has become this sort of secret obsession developed over the course of 12 years that i just can't seem to, or want to, break. I used to be really into watching the show, but i only liked the first few seasons. The games, however, are addicting. Recently, I've been finding new ways to challenge myself like catching and using pokemon that nobody really uses (things like parasect, farfetch'd, and muk) just to make things interesting each time I play.

There was a year long span in my life when i didn't play pokemon because i thought i wasn't interested anymore, but now I'm back into the full craze of the pokemon games and it feels oh, so right.  ; )

oasisfan9 oasisfan9
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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

i like pokemon but only the ferst 2 sezunz after that they just started making it all stupid by making 100 mor evry sezen changing thi carectors <br />
i quit waching<br />
<br />
also wish they had pokymon print diapers that fit me but they dont even hav pokymon print diapers to begin with<br />
pleaz dont think im werd its actuly prity normal for ppl to like diapers but a vast mujorety wont edmit it