Changing A Nation: Presidential Influence

This past Monday was a day that was not only the day to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. but it was the 2nd inauguration of President Obama. As I watched some of the coverage, I found myself looking throughout history at other Presidents, and pondering the thought of Presidents that shaped America into what it was. There were of course Presidents like Herbert Hoover, James Buchanan, George W. Bush, and Andrew Johnson, that have been consistently ranked amongst the nation's worst Presidents. Then there are those that are ranked in the top tier of Presidents such as George Washington, FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

As I thought about the past Presidents, I began to focus on which Presidents shaped the nation, or which individuals were considered the pioneers of what America has become. One example is that of Abraham Lincoln. He was heralded as our nation's greatest President during his time, because of his decisive action during the Civil War, and the decision to end slavery in that time period. Another President was that of George Washington. He is perhaps best known for his leadership in various military battles whicih led to America becoming an indepdent nation. Washington (despite military woes and casualties) led his men through dangerous grounds and overcame the odds to declare freedom amongst all of the colonies at that time. Then there was FDR. FDR was one of our nation's most popular Presidents because of his role during the Great Depression. He instituted a governmental system that made it easier for lower and middle class individuals to survive and eventually thrive. His actions such as creating the Welfare system, and introducing the minimum wage requirement, set the pace for an America that was fit for working class individuals. Some disagree, and say that he create a socialistic empire. Despite those who say this, there was no doubting that his actions put America back on track to being prosperous, at least at that time.

Those three Presidents named, were pioneers and they assisted in shaping the country into what it is today. The question I thought about is, "What has President Obama done so far in his presidency that proves a legacy that will be remembered?" The answer I came up with (and I think many in the media stated numerous times) is that of a change in the demographical sense. President Obama has had an impact on the demographics of America since his ascention into the President.

This isn't necessarily based on the racial aspect (although many have noted changes in that area) but also, religous, lifestyle choices, and overall championing the idea that we as a nation should be unified. Obama has so far left a legacy that has been centered upon the social issues that many Presidents could not face, or ignored. He just like the other three President's I named, were set apart because of issues that they decided to stand up to. Obama has made an issue out of seeing our nation as one unit. He is taking steps that no other President has taken, and it has so far caused momentum to swing in the direction of the Democratic party.

So, what is the point? The point of this analysis is to remind all that every President has an opportunity to be a pioneer. Some Presidents were monumental because of various achievements. Others failed miserably in their efforts. We have a President who has so far decided to paint a picture that will leave America going in a different direction. While I do not like many decisions or social stances that Obama has stood upon, I can say that his policies and words, have put him on the pathway to being singled out as a President that changed a nation.
NinjaGuide321 NinjaGuide321
26-30, M
Jan 23, 2013