I Wish It Wasn't So Corrupt

a this might be a little angry sounding but I'm in no way fuming or super angry over this, these are just my thoughts about todays events/ politics.

Where to start.... Ok Alberto Gonzales this guy is so amazing he sits in front of the senate and lies straight to there faces about him firing 8 very good federal  Prosecutors. Who were only fired due to there un-agreement with Bush. Gonzalez has only one answer for them " I do not recall at this time "  This was the answer given when asked anything about the firings and his involvement. I wonder if bush told him he would give him 50 bucks for every time he could say it.

I started with Gonzalez b/c he is much more recent but as for bush and his entire administration its amazing how he has been in power for so long, I mean this guy lied to the American public numerous times : Iraq, WMD, illegal wire taps ect... Yet he gets away with it, I guess due to the lack of political involvement. People would rather watch dancing with the stars or American Idol then watch CNN or any kind of world events type show. Its sad when you live in a country where there are more votes for a TV show then there is for the presidential election. It does anger me to think that there are people ( of any race, religion ) dying for a useless cause which was explained to us to save Iraq. Well first off this all started when Bin-laden launched attacks against us and we were suppose to go after him when intelligence pointed him out to be in Afghanistan not Iraq. Then its explained that Saddam has bought special equipment to start up a uranium plan to make WMD yet all reports stated the equipment was not in any condition to do so or could be fixed to. Thankfully Rumsfeld is gone and Andrew card  received his appreciation at Umass  


  I feel sorry for the people who have lost there lives over this futile war and also for the president that will have to clean up Bush's mess as he sits at home with no worries.. maybe we should strap bush up in army equip and send him to iraq so he can make up for the time when he got daddy to exempt him from vietnam.  - ya I'm a little upset
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I totally fricken agree.

We need more people like you. Keep up the good work.<br />
All the bests.

My husband is in Iraq now for his second 15 month tour. More often than not, the conversation shifts to how many civilians he's seen in the clinic that week...and how many of them were innocent. I just read an article about two days ago about how much trouble the Iraqi Red Crescent is having taking care of those who need help there right now. If you are financially able and want Iraqi children to grow up thinking that Westerners are not evil maybe you could consider making a donation to them.

My question, If firing those prosecutors was not illegal (ethical being a seperate question) why lie about it? I have to come to the conclusion that the Bush/Cheney administration is inherently dishonest.<br />
<br />
I didn't have an ob<x>jection to Afghanistan, beside the Bin-Laden, the complete oppression and cruelty experienced by women in that country was enough for me, but why Iraq? Because Saddam once tried to have daddy Bush killed? I think it is obvious to all now, that Iran is a far greater threat than Iraq ever was.<br />
I could go on about all the damage this administration has done to our country and our relations with other countries (don't get me started on Russia) but this is suppose to be a comment not a dissertation.