I Will Face the Consequences of Your Actions

Sen. McCain Gov Palin,
   Though I have doubts that either of you will ever take the time to read this, or follow the link, but one can only hope that you would take an interest in what troubled Americans may have to say. I am a young veteran of 24. I have the sense to open my eyes to more important things then what will only help me.  After watching the following video, can you still say by increasing our drilling in areas such as these, it will not be doing harm to our planet?  Maybe we could unite, for the common good, to save our planet and future generations instead of selfishly serving ourselves now. Yes I am aware that drilling now  is financially in my best interest. Gas prices are rising and the job market is slim. I would sacrifice and support higher gas prices now if we could come together for a common goal. To use alternative forms of energy, and help prevent to increasing affects of global warming. You will not be here to see the damage we are doing in 40 years, but I will.


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3 Responses Sep 18, 2008

For the common good = Marxism. No thanks. Drilling for oil will not harm the earth. Oil is a natural resource and the technology we have today drilling is hardly harmful. Sure accidents happen but they are few and far between. We need to drill and we need to keep our coal mines open. If we stop accessing these natural resources we will not only see higher unemployment but as the pResident said we will NECESSARILY see ENERGY PRICES SKYROCKET. We live here and now. What happens after we are gone will be up to that generation to deal with and so on.

You should keep up the good work. may God bless you.

Extremely thoughtful post.