Do Americans Take It More Seriously?

EP is not a representative population on which to base any assessment but the political debates on here get rather heated. Nothing unusual in that except the debates do rage around the manifesto of the various politicians. Also the electoral race seems to occupy huge amounts of air time and real time in the states. in the UK the whole thing is over in 6 weeks. Whilst similar numbers of people vote the US seems to get much more involved. I think in recent years , since Mrs Thatcher left the parties in UK have drifted toward a centre right position. They are all similar in outlook and perhaps that is why we don't make as big a fuss.

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There's more of a socialist bent in the UK but even allowing for that the debates on healthcare reform, for example, show how energised the politics in the US gets. Maybe it's just the media and the rest of the populace has no idea what's going on?

Spot on. When John Major lost the Conservative Party the election to Labour in 1997(I think), Thatcher commented "They voted Conservative, but with a new and friendlier face!"<br />
<br />
For US EPers Conservative = Republican<br />
Labour = Democrat<br />
<br />
Although both parties in US are a little more to the right than their corresponding ones in UK.