When I Was A Boy..

I figured it out early that I enjoyed the feeling of a nice big poo, I loved to sit on the toilet and slowly let it out, probably about 8 or so when i really started to enjoy it. One day i had to poop really bad, I'd been holding it in, letting the tip poke out between my buns, loving how that felt and how naughty it was, I reach down the back of my cartoon underpants and yep discovered that id gotten them dirty, and while I was exploring the urge got too great and I pushed just a little and soon was pushing a long thick poop into my lil undies. The thick log felt so hot between my butt cheeks and I loved how much it made my pants stick out in the back. I quickly pulled them down and looked at the big bulge in my undies, i knew I'd be in big trouble and i had to throw them out, so i sat down on the bathroom floor and felt it squish up around my bottom and between my legs. The smell in the bathroom was intense, and i had a lot of cleaning to do, but loved it just the same.
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love it

i do it all the time but i wear my rubber panties when i do it like hard poops the best

it feels so much better with a big load in my diaper............

adcross2k I know exactly what you mean, about looking back at the naughty bulge in the back of my fruit of the looms boys briefs, the heavy brown sag, the heat on my buns. Into the tub and then sitting down in the mess, crackling as it mushed, and sliding my dirty bottom back and forward a bit once i'd put all my weight down. my fruit of the looms getting filthy and the feeling of my load around my balls, gingerly slipping my fingers into feel my *****, and letting them slip down to touch my now fudgey boy balls

I had discovered my fondness for wet underwear a year or so earlier and I was 13 or 14 the first I dumped in my briefs - shorts down, tighty-whities up, and *** on toilet. FIrst I pissed them and then squeezed a nice soft load out. I sat there for a few minutes enjoying the weight of the mess saggy in the rear and pulling the briefs tighter on my balls. Like you, I enjoyed seeing a naughty bulge where there shouldn't be one. I then stood up and hopped in the tub. I squatted down, letting the poop sag some more in my wet briefs, then I just sat down with all the weight I could muster. I felt the filth spread across my ***. I realized a lot of it had followed my briefs and piled up just behind my balls. I lowered by legs to where they were flush against the bottom of the tub and then closed them in together, enjoying the warmth as the **** engulfed my sac, and the ba<x>se of now very stiff ****. Then I bent my legs and brought my knees up toward my chest, and as I was doing so, the sensation of the slimey mess being ground in to the fabric of tighty whities as it encased my balls and shaft was too much - I convulsed and exploded spurt after spurt of sticky *** into my briefs. I was hooked!

I did the paper towel thing as well, or lots of carefully arranged toilet paper in my briefs to make a pretend diaper, took a while to get the paper in the back setup just right so when i did a nice big poop it didnt brown up my underpants. I'd watch in the mirror and then eventually sit down slowly and feel my poo spread out, usually making its way out around the leg holes of my briefs, and then a little exploring usually went on :)