Big Mushy One.

Well I have been with out a computer for almost one month and have been waiting 3 weeks to share this story with all of my experience project friends.

It all happened on afternoon when I was working in some laundry. I had not felt like I needed to poop or anything but as I walked up to the washer to change the clothes over I leaned over to take the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer it all just come out into my pants. At first it was just a little bit so I figured I just as well finish with the load of clothes before I went to the bathroom. Well that was my big mistake because each time I leaned over more came out of my butt. By the time I was done changing over the clothes I had poop running down my let and almost on the floor and I still needed to walk to the bathroom. All the floors between the two places were carpet and I wear boxers so it was really hard to keep all the poop in my pants. Well I made it to the bathroom and started the water in the shower. Well by then I was like just as well enjoy this supper soft mushy poop that I just did in my pants for I began to mush it up around my ball and my ****. This was the best part of the entire experience. That is my favorite part and I cam 3 time before I got my self all cleaned up in the shower.
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4 Responses May 4, 2012

Yummy.... squishing it is the best, and the 'accidential' ones can be so good, as they're unexpected, even if it useually ends up makign the clean up process more complicated than it would be if we prepare first, I had another 'accident' yesterday, which I got to enjoy squishign and mastibating with too, lucky I was wearing tighter panties, so it didn't end up spreading all round the house again...

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

That sounds sooo hot!

oh ya, love to squish all the time