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Ok everyone, I want to know the best ever ways to make pooping your pants (or pooping in general) The best experience it could ever be, I want to know the most disgusting and awesome way. This chat will help all of you here get the best experience possible, Thanks all

Bob S.
guyzerp1 guyzerp1 26-30, M 4 Responses Nov 29, 2012

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I actually have a good one especially for if u want to **** urself but don't have anything to poop. Get soft white bread, moisten it a little then shove it up ur ***. Get as much as u can in then wait half an hour and just let it flow out

I just don't believe you.

The "best way" is to make sure that you are going to have a nice soft poop;I usually take stool softener pills or liquid and wait as long as I can hold it in,then go take a walk away from any bathrooms so that I become desperate and then lose control and all the lovely soft poop comes out into my panties and spreads all over my butt as I walk or sit down on it.Your best way may be different.

You are obviously not a pants pooper. Each of us has come to realize that we each have the adventures that we like. Even if there were a "Best Ever way" to fill your pants, it would likely be different for each one of us.

The best we can do is to emulate, or follow the suggestions of others, reach out there, doing things we have not done before, and finding what works for us.

It is true that I like chatting with others, because I can get ideas and notions of how I can do something new - a new location, a different environment, a new way to fill my panties - I am hoping I get all kinds of new ideas, that way I have lots to choose from. For the most part, I wait too long to get to a potty, and that means it could happen to me any number of places, or times.

Exactly, I want to get new ideas and stuff!