Not Just For The Movies

I enjoy popcorn and not just at the movies.

Wilde has her healthy snacks, carrots and celery sticks that she enjoys eating and has worked on me to make healthier choices when it comes to snacks. I will have microwave or air popped popcorn sprinkled with different seasonings as a snack.

I had no idea how easy it would be to switch to something that I like that is healthy as a snack.  Now when we curl up for an evening in and decide to watch a movie or listen to music, I've got my popcorn and I'm happy.

Thank you honey, Mwah!
KingofSwords KingofSwords
56-60, M
1 Response Aug 12, 2012

Try grated cheese on it somtime. Yum.

I have but once the cheese comes out then all of a sudden so to the pretzels, the peanuts and dried cranberries and it turns into homemade chex mix without the cereal.

Oooh, that sounds good!

That is one of Wilde's concoctions.