I really like popcorn. Of course movie popcorn is awesome but I also love good popcorn at home. I like it even without butter or salt...just a good snack.
soulrunher soulrunher
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ya...i believe popcorn is one of the greatest inventions ever.....:)cheers:)

Thanks for commenting.

We love the popcorn at Sesame Place! Sometimes it can be too salty or buttery, but when it's just right, there is no beating it! We bought the souvenir bucket so we can get unlimited, cheap refills all season long! YUMMMMMMMM!

What is Sesame place?

An amusement/water park for kids! www.sesameplace.com.

Oh gotcha...thanks

Yep! The best bonus for me is those buckets. The tight-fitting lids keep the popcorn fresh for a week! Sometimes we will get some when we're leaving the park, and forget it's in the car, open it up a few days later - good and fresh! :-P

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